Zyxel Access Point [NWA210AX] - first launch and initialization of the device

This article will guide you through the basic configuration of a Zyxel WiFi AP NWA210AX (first connection to the access point, creating a security profile, setting up the SSID) Configuration includes how to log into the device, how to configure the device using the setup wizard, and how to configure WiFi.

First login and setup wizard

Step-by-step guide:

  • Make sure the AP NWA210AX is properly connected and the computer from which you will be configuring is connected to the device on LAN1 port via a wired connection or WiFi connection.
  • If the Zyxel Device and your computer are not connected to a DHCP server, make sure your computer's IP addresses are between "" and "" (set them statically if necessary)
  • Navigate to the default IP address of the Zyxel device (if you have a DHCP server, specify the IP address that was issued.
  • Enter your username (default: "admin") and password (default: "1234"), and select the language you prefer for the web configurator. Click Login

Note: If you have any problems, check out this article.

  • The wizard screen opens when the Zyxel Device is accessed for the first time or when you reset the Zyxel. Select your region and time zone
  • Change the default password and select Uplink Connection type

Note: In some firmware versions, it is not mandatory to change the default password
However, changing the default password after the first login is highly recommended

  • Follow the wizard instructions




  • After you go through all the steps of the wizard, the Web Configurator's Main Screen for Standalone Mode will open

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