Twonky Media Server does not show any files, fails to start or cannot be managed.

This article informs you about a procedure that restores the Twonky Media Server configuration to default. This is useful if the configuration is corrupt and the server's functionality cannot be restored by normal means via its management page.

To restore the Twonky Media Server functionality, you must delete the corrupted configuration file. You can do this via the SSH terminal. Once the Twonky service is restarted, it will launch again in the default configuration and security settings.



  1. Download any SSH client, for example, PuTTY or TeraTerm. You can also use Windows built-in OpenSSH from the command prompt.
  2. Activate SSH on the NAS (Control Panel > Network > Terminal > Tick Enable SSH Service)
  3. Disable the Twonky Server on the NAS
  4. Log in to the NAS via SSH client using the user root and your admin password.
  5. Type in and confirm the following command:
    rm /i-data/********/.media/twonkymedia/twonkyserver.ini
    Note: replace asterisks with your volume serial number. You should be able to see the available volumes by pressing the Tab key after typing "rm /i-data/" in the terminal.
  6. Restart the Twonky server and check if the content is displayed correctly.



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  • Finally great solution. Thank you very much. I wonder why I had in twonkyserver.ini folder which I didn't share. 

  • Hi, I did all this, it was all set to i-data/.media/twonkymedia, only difference was that it was +A|/i-data... instead of +p|/i-data..... Change it to +p, still doesnt work...

    Of what I can think is mediaserver in UPnP port mapping is set to 9002. Could this be the problem? I can see the files in my network (drive mapped it ) but on TV it still saying Access denied !



  • And in Twonky Settings/Navigation/Available Servers, the NAS520 its not displayed, only my home computer...

    (Edited )
  • Worked for me as well. In my case the directory path was completely empty as weel as httpremoteport so I can't access the Twonky admin page at  http://nas:9001 address. Hopefully formal FW update with the fix will be available soon.

  • Hi, I would like to leave some notes on this solution. 

    1. It works

    2. These new settings for twonky server are however lost after booting/powering on after scheduled power on/off.

    3. So after each power on, twonky isn't showing files and you would need to do the solution every time.

    4. I found out, that you may affect this by changing the setting: control panel - media server - share publish: when you tick the "all publish" (first column) then after booting twonky is working. 

    5. So for me, twonky works if I leave "all publish" ticked. If I customize "share publish" page, then it doesn't work and can be repaired with the above solution, but only up to new boot.


    ...and one note to the power schedule which is also mentioned in another thread as non-functional. For me, the problem was the wrong setting of time zone (so the NAS powered on/off in another time as I wanted..). But this is another story...  



  • Hi, I did all the steps from the first post, but it turned out that I could not edit the contents of the file! I log in with an admin account, but do not have write permissions?


  • Have you tried to download the file first, edit it locally and upload it back ? (I recommend to backup the original one)

  • solved! I logged in as a root and not as an admin and everything is ok

    Тank you


  • Possible alternative solution.

    I went through all steps described above - it has not helped as my contentdir setting were already in expected state (there was nothing to modify)...but Twonky still showed nothing (to be precise - 2 music files only out of thousands music, video, photo files).

    So, absolutely desperate I started to go again (100th time) through all Twonky settings and started to do any stupid experiments which could come to my mind... I also changed server name from default "%hostname%" to real hostname, lets say NAS123. Then clicked on rescan folders and restarted Twonky....and thousands of my files started to show up...:-))))))

    So, I will be glad if it helps somebody else too:

    1. Open Twonky
    2. Go to Settings->System->Server name
    3. Replace %HOSTNAME% with something easier (I would suggest letters and numbers only, no spaces)
    4. Save settings
    5. Go to Settings->System->Server Maninenance -->> Rescan Content Folders
    6. Go to Settings->System->Server Maninenance -->> Restart Server
    7. wait a few minutes and check Settings->Status if your files started to count there....hopefully yes

    Good luck!

  • Hi, I had the same issue with Twonky and the desctibed solution didnt work. But after I disabled TFTP which I enabled today earlier.. it started to work well again. I have NAS326. 

  • @Martin, @miki,

    Thanks for sharing your findings! I will check these in the next few days and eventually add this to the article.

  • Hi! After renaming media files in File Manager, why do the files not use the updated name when I access them via DLNA?

  • Dear Mr. Tamás, 
    I have seen that the problem was already solved.