Firewall High Availability [HA Pro] - Do I need all licenses twice for an HA (high-availability) solution?

Do I need all licenses (UTM licenses as an example) twice when using Device HA Pro?

No, if two firewalls are used with Device HA Pro, only one license is required. The passive firewall takes over the licensing of the master when the active firewall should fail.
Important information:
Both devices must be the same model and registered in the same account.
The licenses have to be transferred to the active device. When the active firewall fails, every license will be automatically transferred to the passive firewall.

What can go wrong? Why can’t see the correct license status from the server?
On the Device-HA Pro setting, there is a function “Serial number of the licensed device for license synchronization”. You should enter the device’s S/N with licenses. So you can transfer all of the licenses to the “Active” device, and enter this device’s S/N in the frame.

Note: The default bundled one-year Gold Security Pack license of ATP gateways is non-transferable. For Device HA deployment, please contact Zyxel support in your country/region to help you transfer licenses. 

After licenses are transferred to the primary device, the secondary device has a Trial license only. You can log in to to check the license status of each device. Here License Service of the Second device:



How to contact Support Team for License Transfer, please check here: How to contact Support Team?


How to Setup Device HA you can find here: Device HA Pro Setup


Setup Assistance, you´re looking for assisted configuration by our Professional Services Team? Please check here: Zyxel ConfigService Security


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