Getting started with the WAH7608

This article shows how the connection and the configuration of the WAH7608 portable LTE router will work. There are several steps to do to get it ready for use. Following this step by step guide will explain you how you can do that in no time.



1. Hardware installation

2. Device overview

3. Connect to the device 



1. Hardware installation

To use the portable router it will need a mini SIM card.

Turn the device so that the back site will be above and open the lid.
The lid can easily be opened by pressing a fingernail in the small slit on the edge and just press it off.


After the lid is open, you will see the inside the device.
We can categorized it into three parts (mini SIM card slot, micro SD memory card slot, general device information).


On the "general device information" sticker you will find the serial number, the MAC address and the default login credentials.

Note: The first line "WiFi Name Zyxel_??? | Key:?????????" is the SSID (name of the WLAN) and the Key is the password for the WLAN. These are not the credentials for the web interface!
To access the web interface please use the line under it (Username/Password: admin/1234).

On the mini SIM card slot and micro SD memory card slot hull there will be two arrows (LOCK / UNLOCK). By pushing it to the desired site the latch can be unlocked and locked.
Place the cards gently in the opened latched and lock them.

Note: The SIM card format here is MINI SIM. So when your SIM card is in micro or nano format please use the right adapter.


After completing all (insert card(s) and battery) close the lid and turn the device around.


2. Device overview 

Press the power button for 3 seconds to boot the device.

When the device is booted, it will show the battery and SIM card status.
By pressing once on the power button you can jump through the "menu". 

First page: Status
Second page: WEB IP address and usage
Third page: WLAN name and Key (the same credentials as on the sticker inside) 


3. Connecting to the device

Use the SSID and Key (third page of the "menu") from your device to connect with your WLAN.


If the connection was successful the WAH7608 shows the number of user which are connected.


Configure the WAH7608 with the LTE Ally App or type the IP address in your browser you desire to access the web interface.

WEB: (by default)


When you access the web interface the login site will be shown:


Now login with the default credentials (admin/1234). Change the password for security reasons and here we go. Now you can configure the LTE router. 


For more information please see our Quick Start Guide and User Guide.

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