NAS Best Practice Setup

In this lab, we have configured a NAS542 with a best practice setup. 

To start off with setting up a newly purchased NAS, you can have a look at the following article:
First-Step Guide for Zyxel NAS

When the Access to the unit is possible, you can start setting up your hard drives:
How to create a volume on a Zyxel NAS

If you should have problems to decide how to format the hard drives, have a look into the possible options:
Which RAID should I use?

When you have set up a volume, you can now go and create a custom share and connect to it:
Windows Network-Shares with Zyxel NAS

After the shares are up and running, you might want to set up a power schedule so you can turn off the NAS when not needed, i.e. in the nighttime:
How to create scheduled jobs







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