Zyxel Product Selector [MyZyxelPortal] - Which Zyxel device fits perfectly into your network?

Zyxel portfolio, where you can find a diverse selection of devices in Security, Switches, and Access Points. Whether you prioritize Nebula Cloud capability, port speed, Ethernet ports, or WiFi coverage range, we are here to help You find the perfect match for your project with Zyxel Product Selector.

Take advantage of Zyxel Product Selector!

Product Selector

Let´s assume you need a Firewall with a Multi-gig Interface 2.5 G and PoE+

Or do you need a switch with 54 ports with PoE:

  1. Visit the Zyxel Product Selector
  2. Choose the category "Switch"


You can also download the datasheets for the most interesting devices and compare the technical details side-by-side. To do so click on the device and you are being forwarded to the product page.

Comparing the datasheets for technical details:


License Finder

An alternative is the myZyxel Store, which is linked to your myZyxel account so that it can offer you the correct licenses for your registered devices!

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