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This article contains information about the types of Repair and Replacement Services depending on the type of device and all information about the Terms and conditions of all warranty claims to Zyxel within Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Before buying, you can also read the list of devices and their warranty period, this information can be found at the end of the article.

More details about all services:

Repair and Replacement Services

Based on the type of device and country where the customer requires the services, we offer the following service types:

mceclip0.png We send a replacement device within three business days when we confirm a defect on your product. You can recycle the defective device at the local collection for electronic waste. img_wre6606_eu_art_01.png
 mceclip1.png The Service center will send a return label for free shipping to you by email. We will finish a repair or swap of a defective device within two business days after the device has reached our service centre. To get your device services, simply return it based on the information in the email document we send you. img_multy_m1_wsm20_p.png

We will ship a pre-swap device to you on the next business day. As soon as you tested and swapped the device against the defective unit, return the defective device to our service centre within 10 days. You can use the free shipping label we provide in the box of the replacement device to you.


Devices covered by the NBDD service will reach the destination during the next business day after we send you a confirmed RMA case number.


Please regard that Zyxel can offer services in the EU mainland. Exceptions can be found in each service's terms and conditions, which we describe in detail as follows.

NBD Service

  • Advanced Replacement during the next business day

To avoid stress, we offer two methods of advanced replacement service for our business products. Which products we define as business products are in an overview on our website under Support/Products and Warranty.

  • Shipment on the next business day (NBDS)

This service is included with all Zyxel Business products. When the Service center confirms a defect on the device, our system will send a confirmation email with the case number (ex. UK1902…), and we will ship out the advance replacement device to the customer on the next business day. The shipment will reach you within two or three business days. After you tested and swapped it out, you will need to return the defective product back to the service center within ten business days.

  • Delivery on the next business day (NBDD)

This service tops all others because we will deliver the device on the next business day based on the Professional advanced replacement service. This service offer is ideal for central network equipment, and customers can apply this voucher to any of the listed models covered by the service. We recommend completing the registration of the product and activating the service license within the lead time. When the device is registered, we will provide you with an advanced replacement device on the same day the defect claim is completed, so you get the replacement in your hands during the next business day. All terms and conditions are published here.

  • Dead on Arrival Policy

(valid from 01.11.2018 in EU** countries)
Zyxel will treat all defects covered by our warranty policy as D.O.A. within 30 days after purchasing the product from an official dealer. If a customer chooses to contact the Zyxel RMA department, Zyxel will process the claim as DOA with an advanced swap service of the product and a free return shipment voucher to our nearest service center. To prove that the device is dead on arrival, the customer needs to get a confirmation from the Zyxel Support team about the defect and provide the purchase invoice.
(**Valid in Austria, Belgium, Czech Rep., Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom)


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