Multy Devices Reset when Certification Authority Expired (May 2020)

Note: This refers to a Certificate Authority Expiration due in May 2020, which potentially might lead to inaccessibility of your Multy devices via the Multy App - more information can be found here.

If your Multy have not been upgraded to the latest firmware before May 31st 2020, you will not be able to access Multy App to configure your Multy settings due to the certificate expiration.
In case your device is still on an old firmware pre-May 2020, please contact us and we can forward you instructions for an USB firmware update.

Please follow the instructions below to reset your Multy and re-install your network system.
1. Please download the latest Multy App version:
For iOS:
For Android:

2.  Reset your Multy by holding down the reset button for 5 seconds, a fast-glowing red led should blink. Wait for 3~5 minutes for it to load. Multy will later glow blue slowly, then it is ready to install your Multy.
Please note: the reset only works when the LED is at certain states.
1. Idle: Solid white
2. Ready for installation: Blinking blue
3. Internet disconnection: Solid red
Only push the reset during these LED states. 

3. Open your Multy App to start the installation.
Please note: Multy App requires an internet connection, please switch the network setting to 4G LTE or other WiFi SSID on the phone.

At step #5, while the App is detecting the Multy via Bluetooth, please wait for 1~2 minutes for the next step.
At step #7, App will inform users that we have an urgent update, please wait for a few minutes, Multy is creating the wifi network, please keep following the instruction. 

At step #10, App will ask for your permission to connect the default SSID of Multy, then your phone will connect to the MULTY_XXXX SSID(Step #12), and start to renew the certificate. You may notice the wifi has switched to the Multy SSID.
Please Note for Android users, Step #10 will not appear,  Android phone will automatically connect to the default SSID, and App will lead to the step #14 after the certificate has renewed.

At step #14, you should have renewed the certificate. 
Please keep following the steps to finish your setup along with a firmware upgrade.  

At step # 18, once the installation and the firmware upgrade is complete, your Multy should be ready.
Note: the WiFi SSID and Password will be MULTY_XXXX and the MAC Address of your Multy. You can change the SSID and Password on the WiFi Settings (Step #20).

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