How to set up DHCP Options (Example with DHCP Option 138 - CAPWAP)

How to set up DHCP Options (Example with DHCP Option 138 - CAPWAP).
Sometimes, in order to achieve an additional set on features/possibilities, our integrated DHCP-Server solutions offer the possibility of engaging DHCP Options. This tutorial will showcase how to set these up easily!

Walk trough Steps:

  1. Open the web interface of the designated device, and log in with your admin credentials.
  2. Go to configuration>Network>Interface>Ethernet>LAN1 and click on advanced settings.
  3. Under the DHCP extended options click on add.mceclip1.png
  4. Select CAPWAP AC (138), and fill in the Controller IP-address you want to forward the CAPWAP-requests to and click on OK followed by another OK.mceclip0.png

DHCP+CAPWAP requests now should be split, the DHCP will be handled by the USG, the CAPWAP will be redirected to the respective AP-Controller IP defined in the Option 138.


Also interesting:
Do you want to have a look directly on one of our test devices? Have a look here in our virtual Lab:

Virtual Lab - Security Device as AP Controller


Please see the video for more detail:




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