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Configuration Service: Zyxel Support Campus offers a complete service from Basic configuration up to a complex set up of your network with our products with the new ConfigServiceVoucher.

Support Form: General support request to get help or information about our products.

Return Material Authorization: General request about faulty products which are still covered by warranty or to order spare parts for our products.

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For specified products ZyXEL offers a Next Business Day Shipment Service for a replacement device. In addition to standard free of charge service, Zyxel offers a chargeable NBD Delivery service. To qualify for this service you simply purchase the service license and activate it through the process of registration. Read more about Zyxel Advanced Replacement Services under

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Zyxel will treat all defects covered by our warranty policy as D.O.A. within 30 days after purchasing the product from an official dealer. Please provide the proof of purchase not older than 30 days.

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