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In this article, you will learn how to get a detailed log of the reason why your new configuration cannot be imported into the new device.

To give you an example, we will look at the following scenario where we performed a configuration conversion of a USG FLEX 60W device to a USG FLEX 200 device.

Disclaimer!   This article offers a general overview of the series and may not apply uniformly to every model,
software/firmware version. Before purchasing or using the device, please consult the model/version-specific documentation or reach out to technical support for accurate information.

Instructions on how to convert the configuration are available at the following link:

Firewall [Converter] - Online Configurator Converter

It will also be useful to read the instructions:
Zyxel Firewall [Convert Tool] - Troubleshoot Configuration Upload

If you encounter a problem when trying to apply a new configuration to your device and the configuration cannot be applied, follow these steps:

Go to Configuration -> Maintenence -> File Manager
  • Upload the previously converted configuration

  • Select the loaded configuration
  • Click "Apply"
  • Check the "Ignore errors and finish applying the configuration file and then roll back to the previous configuration" box
  • Click "OK"

Next, the process of applying the configuration will commence. If the configuration is free of errors or incompatible components, it will be implemented. But if the configuration contains errors, the process will revert to your previous configuration.

If you are back to the original configuration. It's time to check the logs and determine what exactly is wrong with the configurations.

To do this, go to  Monitor -> Log
  • Category: "File Manager"
  • Keyword: "ERROR:"
  • Click "Search"

As in the example below, you see a list of problems due to which the configuration was not applied

In our example, we have a cellular USB stick installed and configured in the USG FLEX60, but we do not use it in the USG FLEX 200.

In this case, we have several solutions:

  • Install a cellular USB stick in the corresponding port in the USG FLEX 200
  • Disable the cellular interface, this can be done in the USG60 before uploading the configuration
  • Directly in the configuration file disable the cellular interface, as shown below:

After making the appropriate changes, perform the procedure to download the configuration to the new device again.


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