USG Series - Packet Capture

Our test scenario will capture packets for ping requests from in LAN1 to in LAN2.


Step by step guide

  1. Login to the USG's web interface
  2. Navigate to Maintenance > Diagnostics > Packet Capture
  3. Select interfaces LAN1 and LAN2
  4. In the section "Filter", choose IPv4 as IP Version and ICMP as Protocol Type
  5. Pressing the "Capture"-button starts the capture. Make sure to send ping requests when starting the capture
  6. After pressing Stop, a file for each interface can be found under Maintenance > Diagnostics > Packet Capture > Files
  7. You can open these files with Wireshark once you downloaded them


There is also the option to capture the traffic via the CLI interface.

1. Login to the USG via SSH or Console with a program like Putty or TeraTerm

2. Type in the following command via CLI to display the packet-capture live:

Router# packet-trace interface lan1 ip-proto icmp

3. The same can be done on LAN2 with the following command:

Router# packet-trace interface lan2 ip-proto icmp



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