Network Switch - Configure Port Security to limit the number of connected devices

This example shows administrators how to configure port security to limit the number of connected devices. In a real environment, port security controls the number of users connecting to a server.




Configure the port security to limit the number of connected devices


1. Configure Switch-1

2. Test the result

3. What could go wrong


Configure Port Security

Enter web GUI and navigate to:

Menu > Advanced Application > Port Security

Check port 3 and set the “Limited Number of Learned MAC Address” to 3.


1. Configure Switch-1 (Legacy Web GUI)

Enter web GUI and go to Menu > Advanced Application > Port Security. Check port 3 and set the “Limited Number of Learned MAC Address” to 2.



If you set the Learned MAC addresses to 0 and add a MAC to the Static MAC Table, only this single device is allowed to connect to the configured port.


2. Test the result

  • PC-1 can ping Server


  • Connect PC-2 to port
  • PC-2 cannot ping server


  • Access web GUI of Switch-1. Go to Menu > Management > MAC Table > Search. The MAC Address Table should show the MAC address of PC-1 (and Switch-2), but not the MAC address of PC-2.



3. What could go wrong

The MAC address of Switch-2 will also be learned in Switch-1 MAC address table. Therefore, remember to consider Switch-2’s MAC address when setting the number of Limited Number of Learned MAC Address.


You will use MAC Authentification with Active Directory, please have a look here:

MAC Authentification with Active Directory


Setup Assistance, you´re looking for assisted configuration by our Professional Services Team? Please check here: Zyxel ConfigService Switch

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  • Hi there,


    I'm facing an issue using gs1900-24hp.  The port security is from 0-256. So I select 0 for 1 mac address isn't it, because if I select 1, I can get a dynamic mac and static one I just added before.

    It also strange because it doesn't work sometimes and I have to try and try, sometimes I have to power reset the switch to work.


    Could you help me, please? The firmware I have is the GS1900-24HP_2.50(AAHM.0)C0.


    Thank you so much,