Zyxel License Finder [MyZyxelPortal] - Find the correct license for your Firewall, Nebula, Gateway or Switch

Choosing the right license can be confusing sometimes... We know that. In case you are not sure which license you need to security protection on your USG FLEX 100H or to enable advanced routing features on your Layer 3 Switch, this is the solution for you: Zyxel License Finder

Note: To plan your license investment and avoid any gaps in support, please visit the end-of-life information to check on your product's version and how it will be supported in the future.

Introducing the License Finder

  • Using the license finder you have four filter options. Pick your Service Category, your Service Name, and your device model, or utilize the keyword search:

  •  You should be able to find the exact part number for your license to look for it in the shops.

Step-by-step Guide

Let´s assume you need a license for Content Filter on your USG FLEX 100H

Option 1: Search via Keyword and Product Name

  • Visit the Zyxel License Finder
  • Enter the keyword “Security” and scroll through the list looking for your device or select it in the “Product Name” field

Option 2: Filter for the service and model

It is as easy as that! Enjoy!

An alternative is the myZyxel Market Place, which is linked to your myZyxel account so that it can offer you the correct licenses for your registered devices!

Marketplace [licenses] - how to purchase licenses in the MyZyxel Marketplace

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