Including information about local users and AAA services (Radius, TACACS+) in the switch text-based configuration


For security purposes, the factory settings of the switches do not add settings for local user accounts (including SNMP) and settings for AAA servers (RADIUS, TACACS +)

In order to include information about users in the configuration file, you need to input a special command "display user". The syntax of the command also includes additional options.
"system" - display usernames, including system administrator account "admin" and "snmp" - display local snmp users. If no options are specified, then the "display users" command enables both functions.


GS2220(config)# display user ? 
    <[system] [snmp]>         enable specific options 
    <cr>                      enable all options

To display the parameters of AAA services in the configuration file, there is a command "display aaa" with add. "autentication", "authorization", "server" options. Without specifying parameters, all three are also included.

GS2220(config)# display aaa ? 
    <[authentication][authorization][server]> enable specific options 
  <cr>                      enable all option


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