Nebula [Organization/Site] - Change of Ownership (Best Practice)

Changing ownership in Zyxel Nebula, our cloud management software, is a straightforward process that allows you to transfer administrative control from one user to another. Whether you're reorganizing your team or need to change ownership for any other reason, this knowledge-base article will guide you through the step-by-step process.


Changing Ownership in Zyxel Nebula:

  1. Login to Nebula:

    • Access Zyxel Nebula by navigating to the login page and entering your credentials.
  2. Access the Administrator Settings:

    • After logging in, navigate to:
    • Organization-wide > Administrator
  3. Add the New Administrator:

    • Click the "Add Administrator" button.
    • Enter the required details for the new administrator, including their email address and access permissions.
    • Click "Create admin" to add the new admin.
  4. Select the New Owner & Initiate the Ownership Transfer

    • In the list of administrators, locate the new administrator you just created.
    • Click the checkbox to the left of their name to select them as the new owner.
    • With the new owner selected, click the "Change Owner" button.
  5. Confirm Ownership Transfer:

    • A pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm the ownership transfer.
    • Carefully review the information displayed.
    • Tick the checkbox to confirm that you understand you will lose ownership authority.
    • Click "Confirm" to proceed.
  6. Ownership Transfer Complete:

    • Once you've confirmed the transfer, the ownership transfer process will commence.
    • After a successful transfer, the new owner will have full control over the organization's Nebula account.
  7. Delete Previous Owner:
    • If you want a change of ownership, you want to delete the previous owner from the new owner account in Nebula

Important Note: In the event that the current owner is unavailable or doesn't have access to their login details, it is necessary to contact Zyxel Support to initiate the ownership change process. Ensure you have the required documentation and information mentioned in the prerequisites section readily available when contacting support.


Ensure you send the complete following information to the Zyxel Support:

  1. Physical picture of Serial number/MAC address Label.
  2. Invoice of the purchased products.
  3. Registration Email Address of the Old Owner.
  4. Registration Email Address of the New Owner.
  5. Organization Name.
  6. Organization Sites.

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