Set static IP address to the managed AP

The following instructions show how the IP address can be set on the managed APs.

The IP address of the WLAN controller is also entered, otherwise, the APs are not visible by the WLAN controller.

In the basic configuration, the APs have no fixed IP addresses, but obtain them via DHCP protocol from a corresponding DHCP server.

This DHCP server shows which IP address the AP has obtained.

An appropriate SSH client (eg Putty or similar) allows access to the AP.


show interface all


Displays the currently obtained IP address.



The following commands are used to configure the IP address:


Router> configure terminal

Router (config) # interface br0

Router (config-if-brg) # ip address

Router (config-if-brg) # ip gateway

Router (config-if-brg) # exit

Router (config) # exit

Router # write



Finally, the IP address of the WLAN controller must be entered:


Router> configure terminal

Router (config) # capwap ap ac-ip <- The IP address of the controller must be specified twice !!

Router (config) # exit

Router # write


The following command shows the successful programming:


show capwap ap info




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