AP Controller - Change Access Points managed by an NXC-controller to your Firewall

Note: Before proceeding, make sure you have administrative access to both the NXC-controller and the firewall. Also, ensure you have a backup of your network configuration in case anything goes wrong during the transition.


Step 1: Prepare for Transition

  1. Ensure you have the necessary login credentials and local Web GUI access to both the NXC-controller and the firewall.
  2. Create a backup of your NXC-controller configuration and network settings.
    1. USG/ATP/VPN - How to download / backup the running configuration

Step 2: Change AP Discovery Mode in NXC-Controller

  1. Log in to the NXC-controller using your administrative credentials.
  2. Change the AP discovery mode from "Automatic" to "Manual." This prevents the NXC-controller from automatically rediscovering APs again after removal.

Navigate to:

Configuration > Wireless > Controller 


Step 3: Remove APs from NXC-Controller

  1. In the NXC-controller interface, locate the list of managed APs.
  2. For each AP you want to transition, select it and initiate the removal process.
    Navigate to Configuration > Wireless > AP Management
  3. Confirm the removal and wait for the APs to be fully disconnected from the NXC-controller.


Step 4: Prepare Firewall for AP Management

  1. Log in to your firewall's administrative interface.
  2. Navigate to 
    Configuration > Wireless > AP Management > Mgmt. AP List

    Note! Wait up to 5-10 minutes for the APs to be online in your firewall AP List.

  3. Ensure that the firewall's Discovery mode is set to "Automatic" and ready to accept new AP connections (In Configuration > Wireless > Controller)
  4. After the APs are fully managed by the firewall and showing up as online (green check mark under Status), firmware upgrade your APs if their firmware are not up to date.

    Confirm the pop-up prompt and wait up to 10-15 minutes for your AP(s) to be fully upgraded. Navigate to Monitor > Logs in order to follow your AP upgrade process.


Step 6: Adopt APs to Firewall

  1. Configure necessary settings for the APs, such as SSIDs, security settings, and network configurations.
    Access Point [Stand-alone mode] - AP First Setup & Configure an SSID (WiFi) and Guest WIFI


Step 7: Test and Verify

  1. Ensure that the adopted APs are functioning as expected under the firewall's management.
  2. Test wireless connectivity and verify that client devices can connect to the network through the newly managed APs.
  3. Monitor the network for any unexpected issues or disruptions.


Step 8: Decommission NXC-Controller (Optional)

  1. Once you have confirmed the successful adoption of APs by the firewall, you can decommission the NXC-controller.
  2. Ensure that all necessary configurations and settings have been transferred to the firewall.
  3. Safely power down and disconnect the NXC-controller from the network.


Step 9: Documentation and Cleanup

  1. Update your network documentation to reflect the changes made during the transition.
  2. Ensure that all configurations and settings are correctly documented for future reference.
  3. Dispose of the NXC-controller hardware responsibly or repurpose it for other uses.

Congratulations! You have successfully transitioned from an NXC AP controller to a firewall-based AP controller system. Your network environment should now be managed and controlled through the firewall's interface.

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