Nebula [Device Registration Overview] - How to add/register or remove/delete device from Nebula

This article covers the steps required to move devices from standalone to Nebula cloud mode. Any Zyxel device compatible with Nebula Cloud Mode can be integrated into Nebula, whether it's a Firewall, Switch, Access Point, Router, or Modem. We will review the following questions: "Adding/Registering a Device in Nebula," "Removing/Unregistering a Device from Nebula," and "Resetting/Transferring a Device from Nebula Mode back to Standalone."                         

There are two options for adding a device to Nebula: manually or using a QR code. Manually, you can add a device from the Nebula website, or by using the Nebula mobile app. To add a device using a QR code, the Nebula mobile App must be installed. All modern Zyxel devices have a QR code sticker.

  • Device preparation before adding to Nebula
  • Register your Device with MAC-Address
  • Registering device in Nebula via QR Code (Mobile App)
  • Protect your Device from being Overwritten
  • How to unregister/delete the device from Nebula and return it to offline mode

Device preparation before adding/registering to Nebula

If your device was configured and operated in Stand-Alone mode, you can make a copy of the configuration file before adding it to Nebula. If you return the device to Stand-Alone mode in the future, you can load the settings from the configuration file.

Also, some devices require additional preparation before adding the device to Nebula. For example, the first time you add a Firewall into Nebula, you need to make sure that you have the ZTP certificate on your device. In all devices, the firewall needs to first go through the ZTP process once.

The cases of devices that require additional configuration are listed below, otherwise, you can go straight to the next section.

Register your Device with MAC-Address

To add a device to Nebula you need to know the serial number of the device and its Mac address. Your device's MAC-address & Serial Number are found under the device under "MAC-address & S/N" in the following format (also register in the same format): S/N: S270L5400005 MAC-Address: AA:BB:CC:11:22:33

Go to Organization-wide > License & inventory
  • Open the "Devices" tab

  • Click "Add" on the right side of the window

  • In the window that opens, enter the "Serial Number" and "Mac Address" of the device

  • Click "Next"

Registering device in Nebula via QR Code (Mobile App)

  • Download & Install the Nebula App to your mobile phone via Google Play or App Store
  • Open the Application and Login with an existing account or register a new one
  • You can create a new organization or website if needed. 

  • Once you are logged into the app go to the device tab and click "Add Device"

  • Find the QR code on your device and scan it

  • Scan the QR and follow the menu instructions

  • You can also add a device by manually entering the device serial number and Mac address.

Protect your Device from being Overwritten

If you don't want the QR Code to be overwritten, you can prevent other users to take ownership of this organization's device(s) from the Nebula App.

This device is already registered to another user account. The device will be unregistered from the other account and re-registered to the organization's owner account. Continue?
Organization-wide > Organization-wide manage > Organization settings

How to unregister/delete the device from Nebula

When you replace, exchange, or otherwise remove a device in Nebula, you may need to remove the device from the Nebula Control Center organization. This guide shows you how to remove a device from the Nebula organization and return the device to Stand-Alone mode. As a rule, this procedure is similar for all devices, but in some cases it is necessary to perform additional actions. 

Navigate to Organization-wide > License & Inventory > Device tab
  • Mark the device(S) you want to remove by clicking on the checkbox left of it

  • Click on the Action button and select the option "Remove from Organization"

  • A confirmation pop-up window with a summary of the actions will appear, click Yes to proceed

  • Now you should see that the device is not included in your organization anymore. The device will revert back to factory settings after being removed from the Organization. 


  • Licenses associated with the products will remain active and bound to the device itself
  • Removing a device from Nebula does not unregister the device from your MyZyxel portal
  • After removing from Nebula USG Flex will immediately reset to factory default and reboot once the unregistered, you will see the SYS LED start blinking, after it becomes steady green then it has turned to the standalone mode
  • After removing a device from Nebula, in some cases, you may need to repeat the ZTP process again to bring the device back to Nebula, but typically a device with the latest firmware will not require this procedure again


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